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I believe great leadership takes two things

Strength & Kindness



Unlock the hidden superpowers of your people and lead a team of collaborative and accountable rockstars with strength, kindness, and trust.

Hi I’m Justine I’m committed to making a difference and I believe that leadership is the key. I partner with people to grow strong and kind leadership so that we build trusting teams that consistently deliver high-quality results. I help you to reduce the overwhelm, reclaim your time and get your mojo back. I know how difficult leading people can be and so I have developed clear and simple strategies that work. You will be supported to share challenges, explore options, practice new skills, and most importantly follow through. YOU get the space to create a system for managing your people that frees you up to do what you love, empowers your people to solve their own problems and inspires your team to trust each other and work together. 

A natural problem solver I like to focus on getting to the root cause, achieving clarity and supporting people to take action. Taking the complexity and frustration out of managing and leading people, I work with people who care about people by doing what I love most and that’s better understanding behaviour. 

At the core of leadership is relationships, the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with others.

Are you looking to find that
confident leader in YOU?

I can help you with it. Let’s talk!


by: Justine Maree Cox

Leadership Lift helps managers lead without micro-management or burnout, unlock the hidden superpowers of your team and transform you from an individual producer of work to leading a team of collaborative and accountable rockstars with strength, kindness and trust.


Leadership Lift
Leadership Lift helps managers lead without micro-management or burnout.
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Leaders Change Room enabled me to take a fresh look at myself and my work goals. Allowed me to think outside the square. Gave me the drive I needed.




The only way to describe Justine Cox and her Leading the Way leadership program is LIFE CHANGING!! That’s a pretty big statement “life changing” but Justine will deliver this on every level.



I found it insightful. It force me to think differently when dealing in a coaching situation with clients. I learned the importance of asking open questions and listening. Learnt that you have to be aware of your behaviour and constantly.