My Approach


I support purpose driven businesses and leaders to achieve their potential and then pay it forward. It starts with each of us knowing who we are and finding a way to be the best version of ourselves, so together we can make a difference.

Master Your Leadership

It is difficult to be successful in a constantly disrupted world, but there is one thing you can always control and that is yourself. Leadership is about people and relationships and the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

“One who understands others has knowledge; One who understands himself has wisdom.” Tao Te Ching


My leadership programs aim to support you to become a master of your own practice and:

  • Create a culture of consistent high performance
  • Increase personal and task effectiveness
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Set goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • Develop a deep understanding of the impact you have on others


Explore what makes you unique and define the impact you want to have.

Working with leaders and their businesses on their purpose is one of the most gratifying things I do.
Purpose driven businesses provide us the opportunity to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves, something that can positively impact many. Your purpose will be the glue that holds your business together and provides the key to achieving up to six times more success than others.

Here are some examples of purpose statements I facilitated:

  •  Inspiring stronger futures – employment and training company
  • We create unforgettable moments to connect people with purpose – team building and event business

  • We strengthen communities by helping rural businesses to be resilient – rural financial services organisation


Planning has two two outcomes, shaping the future and saying no. I have never worked with people where there were not enough good ideas, my focus is on ensuring the ideas are aligned to the bigger goals and that informed and deliberate choices are made. I work with your board and executive teams to develop your Strategic Plan, utilising the process to review your success to date, build strategic planning skills and execute successfully.

Put a plan in place and double the success of your business and experience up to 60% more growth than your competitors
My approach to planning is pragmatic:

Get your head up
Too many plans start with looking in and down when the market is out there

Keep it simple
If you can’t easily describe your plan your chances of actually implementing are reduced

Get comfortable with saying no for now
There is always enough good ideas, but the power of the plan is in the clarity and focus you get from saying yes to less and no for now to the rest

Be curious and expansive
A great plan should help you to constantly evolve to achieve greater things and you can’t do that without
challenging yourself and your business

Live it
The power of the plan is only realised in its execution, it must be a crucial element of your system not
a stand alone process

Are you looking to unify your team, focus your business and improve your return on investment and resources – get in touch. I work with your board and executive teams to develop your Strategic Plan, utilising the process to review your success to date, build strategic planning skills and execute successfully. 


  • Overwhelmed
  • Time Poor
  • Frustrated
  • Stuck

You are not alone. We go into business or leadership to make a difference, to have more influence or control, to create a better life, and spend more time doing what you love. Often the reality is quite different.

You can create what you want.

For most business owners and leaders one-to-one coaching is the best way to achieve your goals and elevate your success. Drawing on over 25 years of business experience I provide clarity, focus and accountability so that you can be at your best.


A personal coach
One-to-one support

Honest feedback
A sounding board for your decisions
Someone in your corner