One on One Coaching

When you decide to change things, that’s the start of your transformation. Leadership coaching not only transforms yourself, it transforms your teams. My Leadership Coaching is not just learning to lead at work, it is about leading in all parts of your life. I can guarantee you that the impact of finding your power is life-changing and it’s not where you may think it its! Yes, the uncovering of your strengths is always a true surprise and delight. Book an enquiry chat to discuss the different one-on-one coaching options.​

The only way to describe Justine Cox and her Leading the Way leadership program is LIFE CHANGING!! That’s a pretty big statement “life changing” but Justine will deliver this on every level. Her program is different than any other course you have taken, it’s in depth and is tailored directly for you, your team and your business and it is an amazing journey. The program is interactive, personal and offers a huge opportunity for development and growth. It will strengthen your leadership team, build trust and help you learn the strengths of each member. In addition to strengthening your leadership team you will learn more about the people in the team you lead. You will understand what emotions drive their behaviours and how to help your team achieve as individuals and that means achievement for your business. The one on one time with Justine is personal and thought provoking. Justine will pull apart what you thought was something minor so you can discover major change. She won’t tell you what to do or think, her style is making sure you know your long term goals and to assist you in initiating a plan to achieve them. This course brings your leadership to the forefront of your mind and drives you to be better, to do better and to lead better and this means you can and will achieve your goals. I can’t recommend Justine Cox and her leadership program highly enough; it has changed my life and the way I lead my team.
I met justine at a meeting and workshop about small business a year or so ago now! That day I signed up to really working on and nailing my vision, mission and purpose for my brand. Justine has an exceptional way of teaching and helping you navigate and get clear on what your product is about, how you provide to your customers & where your ultimate vision is. This drives me every day since being really clear. Justine has also helped me with my skills around staff management, and the challenges that scaling a business comes with, she’s is absolutely incredible. I will be forever grateful and will continue to work with justine through the journey of my small business. Justine, THANK YOU!
People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have a Business Coach and mentor to guide you through the process. I was lucky to have Justine Cox as my personal business coach during a period of time where I needed to build up my self-confidence and work out where I wanted to go in the business. I had to work through the answers on my own via a journey of contemplation of one’s behaviors, motivations, actions and results. I can confidently say that the coaching methods used by Justine have helped me be a more confident individual. Once Justine helped me identify the personal areas to work on, she was tireless in making sure those new habits stuck. I attribute a lot of my success in navigating the past 12mths of my career to Justine. I learned a lot from her on dealing with self-confidence challenges, staying focused, and providing a vision to guide and unify me on my business journey. Our work together has enabled me to be more effective with my time management and to work on what really matters in the business – my customers and finding out what they want and need. I strongly value Justine’s coaching techniques and have the highest confidence in her ability to help other leaders develop into the best person that they can be.