Work with Me

I love to work with small to medium business leaders and their team,¬† giving them the skills and knowledge to lead, manage and enjoy what they do without burnout and overwhelm. You can work with me in any of the ways below, whether you are an organisation looking to develop your leadership to lead with purpose, strength and kindness or a person looking for one-one-coachin “,” or you are looking for a speaker/facilitator to deliver an impactful Keynote.

Need help deciding where to start? Leadership Lift is our foundational program, it is a self paced online porgram with fortnightly group coaching session with Like Minded people. Leadership Lift is perfect for:

  • Overwhelmed managers who feel like they are always behind and can never get ahead of the game;
  • New Managers who are not sure how to move from being a very successful individual performer to a successful team manager;
  • Managers who know they are capable of more if they can just get the team moving in the right direction;
  • Experienced Managers who have lost their way and are feeling burnt out, and want to get their mojo back and enjoy what they do again.

Please contact me contact me if you would like to book some time to discuss your unique leadership challenges and decide the best way forward.